I have been working in the City of Escondido for almost 30 years as a police officer and have had constant contact with the children, parents, teachers and school staff within the Escondido Union School District.  I see the need for better guidance from the governing school board. I have talked with many teachers about the concerns that are currently viewed as important issues by faculty.  In recent years, I have noticed a fracture developing in regards to the communication between administration, staff, teachers and governing board members.  I believe that this lack of constructive two-way communication ultimately causes students to suffer.  This issue is something that I hope to repair.  It is important for everyone to have an open dialogue, even if some of the ideas and concerns are not popular.   Forward progress and improvements can only be made after communication from both sides is heard and acknowledged.

 I feel very strongly that teachers need to feel a sense of value.  I have worked with many of the teachers in this district and I have told them many times that they are amazing. Their dedication, commitment and generosity to their students is unrivaled.  I see it every single time I come onto the campus of any of the schools.   As in any profession, feeling that what you do matters and getting the acknowledgement for your work promotes success.  This success has the trickledown effect of making teachers that are much more vested in their work and this ultimately provides direct benefits for students.  The primary focus of the school district should be not only the well-being of students, but also the faculty.  This leads to the long term success of both groups. 

 One of my top priorities is the safety and security of all students, teachers and staff within this district.   I feel that my experience and insight from my 28 years of law enforcement experience provides a unique perspective and expertise.   This perspective will allow me to move forward in a cooperative group setting in developing better security and safety guidelines that will provide a safer school experience.   It will be my goal to make sure that all Escondido Union School District campuses and facilities have the most modern and proven security protocols in place.  An environment of safety will add to the success of everyone present. 

 Because of a long history of cooperation and mutual respect; I am supported by students, parents and faculty.  I am endorsed by the Escondido Elementary Educators Association and the Escondido Police Officer’s Association.

 I respectfully seek your vote on November 6th for the Escondido Union School Governing board, District 5.


Frank Huston